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Every Homeowner Needs to Have Their own T.E.D.

T.E.D. is an accurate, affordable

real-time in-home electricity monitor.

Order yours now and control your utility usage!

2 2 9 - 3 0 0 - 8 9 2 0

We now accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & Checks

Wireless hand-held display

Intuitive, simple setup directly from Computer

Backlit display

Accurate to within 2%

User can customize display

Adjustable sensitivity - user can determine kW changes - down to 1 WATT !

Rechargeable Battery - no batteries to change

View real-time energy data remotely via Internet

Solar/Wind Package - Net-Metering capability

Receives signal from multiple sources

Ties into Home Automation Systems

Stores detailed data for export to computer

Accommodates all rate structures - flat, tiered, Time-of-Use, Seasonal

(4 seasons), weekend/holiday, or any mix of structures!

Stores and performs load-shed functions

TED 5000 also includes our data-logging software TED Footprints


INSTALLED FOR $349.95 within 60 miles of Downtown Valdosta, GA.